All-natural Perskindol Classic gel's unique triple-action soothes inflammation, relieves pain, and accelerates healing.​

  • Perskindol is effective and well tolerated treatment for everyday muscle and joint pain, and pain associated with athletic activity
  • Children 6 years+ can also benefit from Perskindol
  • Immediate feeling of effect 
  • Pleasant stress relieving smell
  • Provides the advantages of a topical pain therapy 
  • Target-oriented (at the site of the pain)
  • Lower systemic drug concentration
  • Less drug interactions and resulting side effects
  • Long term use possible 
  • Multiple daily applications (not limited to only 2 daily applications)

Perskindol gives an immediate feeling of pain relief and accelerates recovery thanks to enhanced blood circulation and rapid absorption into sore areas. It is most effective when applied before, during and after any sport activity.​

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