Perskindol provides treatment for all pain, from active youth muscle fatigue, to elderly arthrosis & arthritis, to those suffering various back, neck and shoulder pains. Because of daily activity and exercise, some aches and small injuries are part the grind of daily life. Perskindol provides an effective, well tolerated, natural solution to manage pain caused from an active lifestyle.


When Perskindol was first introduced in Switzerland in 1981 (as gel, fluid and spray), it ended the muscle aches and pains of its Swiss inventor – an enthusiastic tennis player.


Thanks to Perskindol, the iconic Swiss, all-natural, topical pain relief, active people of all ages can enjoy carefree exercise or benefit from fast recovery after minor injuries or pain. Perskindol offers instant pain relief and accelerates healing with outstanding tolerance. Based on a unique mix of plant-based active ingredients - a formulation exclusively based on essential oils - Perskindol is well tolerated and suitable for long-term use. 


Perskindol is non-staining, non-greasy, non-sticky and has a very pleasant, relaxing smell. It is designed for each individual need depending on the type and location of injury (Perskindol Classic Gel is most effective when applied direct to precise areas). Rub a sufficient amount of gel on the painful body part(s) several times a day, as needed. 


After use, wash your hands thoroughly. Perskindol Classic Gel must not be used on open wounds or with airtight compresses. 

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